Hello & welcome!  I'm Sarah Rose Hummel.

My closest friends know me as...

 A secret ping pong ninja. Dog mom to #grapethedog. Eco-conscious shopper. Capsule wardrobe believer. Meal planner extraordinaire & Master Chef wanna-be.


My clients and colleagues simply know me as... 

their "go-to designer" for my diversity as a creative problem solver and instinct for smart design.

Sarah Rose Hummel


Beautiful designs are just the beginning... I bring conscious content creation to your brand through holistic brand consulting, art direction, and ready-to-print graphic design elements. Not only am I a hands-on designer, but I truly shine as a strategic brand partner to set executable goals to hit the shortest of timelines. 

I currently lead the creative execution of mass retail shopping experiences and shopper-driven merchandising strategies for a retail business consulting firm in Minneapolis. I have provided creative business solutions to over 50 brands at the mass retail level ranging in categories including home furnishing, natural beauty, natural cleaning, pet, grocery, apparel and accessories. While yes, I love to "think big!",  I also enjoy more intimate partnerships and engaging collaborations with small businesses and local organizations to stay connected in my community and support shops and brands I love dearly.

Because I am passionate about living an authentically mindful lifestyle, I am always excited to share my personal journey and creative expertise with brands and individuals who parallel my own values for supporting sustainable and ethical practices, green beauty initiatives, and clean eats.  Each day, I strive to not only be a responsible consumer- but a mindful creator, especially when helping evolve your brand.

Be the good in the world.


Sarah Rose Hummel

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