2019 Passion Project

Creating color palettes on purpose, with purpose.



Intentional Content Creation

As of May 2019, over 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, chalking up 3.5 billion likes a day. - according to Brandwatch. That’s a significant amount of content we are all consciously and sometimes subconsciously participating in if you’re a part of the Instagram platform. Instead of sharing EVERY. LITTLE. THING. happening in my life, I wanted my imagery and stories to be intentional and with a purpose.



Color Studies

Inspiration is everywhere - especially when taking the time to notice color vibrancy and pairings. The world is a fascinating place and taking a moment to capture the intrinsic beauty that surrounds us all.



Inspiration for Good

Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone else tried something new to them because of my own personal actions. These posts are meant to challenge your thinking and share simple swaps & education on my individual carbon footprint.